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Dedicated Phone Numbers

Receive Dedicated Phone Numbers

Immediately have a phone number for customers to message you at.

Messenging Button

Add a Messaging Button to Your Site

Paste one line of code to let your customers message you with a tap.

Facebook Messenger

Connect Your Facebook Messenger

Hook up your existing Facebook Page with a Facebook Wizard.


Connect with your customers

Sonar isn't only for customer service - it is also a powerful tool for promotion and relationship building

  • Upload your customer list to begin sending messages right away
  • Send personalized messages based on a user’s preferences (we store all your customer data within the app)
  • Build relationships, upsell products and receive invaluable feedback about your brand

Learn how Mayven increased conversions by 40%

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Advanced Analytics

Our comprehensive dashboard is designed to provide customer insights and let you track message performance over time.

Analytics graph

Automated Communication

Our simple API allows you to auto-message customers important news, such as a welcome message or a status update on an order.

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Automated Communication on Phone

Built for Teams


Invite your entire team to collaborate

Add team members and start collaborating on messages immediately.

Assign between teams

Assign messages between team members

Team members focus on the customers they're helping and managers see all activity.

Canned responses

Canned responses for efficiency

Built for efficiency, Sonar has canned resonses, keyboard shortcuts & navigation.

Whale Watchers

Campaigns that Convert

Sonar helps you build beautiful, rich-text messages

  • Entice customers with beautiful images of your product offering
  • Promote products with promotional giveaways using rich-text messages
  • Experience near 100% message read rates, compared to < 40% email read rates

Messages Exchanged

From early to enterprise, we help companies engage with their customers… a lot.

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    "Adding one line of code to let our customers text us led to a 98% increase in sales - it's a no-brainer!"

    Shaun Lee
    Co-Founder, Bohemian Guitars

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