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  • Webhooks
  • Powerful API
  • 3rd Party Integrations
Simple setup

Simple Setup

  • Upload Customer Information
  • Start Texting Immediately
  • Add Message Us Button to Site
Generate revenue

Generate Revenue

  • Mass Message Customers
  • Track Response & Engagement
  • Send Rich Text Messages

FB Messenger for Business

Add the FB "Message Us" button to your site and start chatting with customers in real time. Click the button below to see how easy it is to connect.

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FB Messenger iPhone 6
Taylor Wang

Customer Story - Mayvenn

"Sonar enables us to have real time conversations with our customers, no matter where they are...increasing conversion rates, retention rates, and customer value for Mayvenn...the best part is our customers love it!"

Taylor Wang, COO

Made for Teams

Manage messages between team members so that every customer gets the best treatment

Keep up with your Customers

Sonar stores customer data so you know what they like and how to respond to them

Attach GIFs, Images, Videos & Rich Messages

Delight your customers with funny GIFs, videos, images, videos and VFC cards.


Messages Exchanged

From early to enterprise, we help companies engage with their customers… a lot.

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    "Adding one line of code to let our customers text us led to a 98% increase in sales - it's a no-brainer!"

    Shaun Lee
    Co-Founder, Bohemian Guitars

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