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Scale With Automation

The Human + AI approach means your sales team can build meaningful relationships with buyers at previously impossible scales. Our AI will handle Lead Qualification, Scheduling, Follow Ups, Conversation Routing, and more so that your sales team can focus on the most valuable parts of the conversation.

How Our A.I. Learns and Grows


Analyze Conversations

Our artificial intelligence engine analyzes conversations with your customers and helps you identify common themes. Utilizing the latest technology in natural language processing, the chatbots begin to store interaction data.


Build Capabilities

Chatbots begin interacting with contacts and attempt to carry on conversations. In a case where a chatbot isn’t sure what to do, we seamlessly transition the conversation to a human agent and train the chatbot on how to perform in that scenario in the future.


Optimize Performance

We continually optimize and train performance flows to make chatbots better and better, until they feel like an extension of your team. Our engineers are happy to work with you on other custom performance models or integrations, if needed.


What is a Workflow?

Sonar has a robust system for internal workflows based on triggers, filters and actions. Additionally, our API and webhooks allow you to integrate workflows with your external systems. These webhooks have business logic executed based on specified actions. Workflows are a way to set up automation based on an assortment of different events. For example, we can set up a workflow so that every time a new lead is qualified, it will trigger a welcome or informative message to be sent out in Sonar to the recipient.

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Common Workflows

Lead Scoring

Use information you collect about leads with Sonar’s lead qualification bot or information from your CRM to generate a score for each lead that comes through the funnel.

Automated Texts

Automatically send a text after failed phone call attempt, no response from email, or property change.

Streamlined Agent Routing

Automatic routing based on lead qualification answers, assigned properties, or agent priority.

Assign Customer/Prospect To Team

Assign a customer or prospect to a specific team based on a property allocated to them.

Conversion Events

Use external conversion events to cancel scheduled automated flows such as drip marketing campaigns and follow-ups.

Adding To Campaigns & Follow-Ups

Add a customer to a campaign or follow-up when a certain property is added to their account.

Welcome/Qualification Text

If you add a new contact into your CRM, Sonar can automatically send the recipient a welcome message or start an automated qualification process, complete with tagging and routing functions (data will cross-sync as well).

Streamlined Service Ticket Creation

If a customer messages in with an inquiry, Sonar can create a service ticket within a company’s customer service software. All communication and routing will be tracked and shared across platforms.

Automated Actions

Our automated actions are built on a foundation of conditions, triggers, and actions. You set the rules and our software will handle the rest.

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