Our Values

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    Customers First

    Customers are key drivers of our product roadmap.

  • 2

    Always Be Learning

    We can't push the boundaries without growing our minds.

  • 3

    Have Grit

    When in the right direction, you just need to keep walking.

  • 4

    Embrace the Noob

    In learning, you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.

  • 5

    Keep Things Simple

    Enough said.

Our Founders

Matthew Berman

Matthew Berman

CEO & Founder
Matthew Berman

Matthew Berman

CEO & Founder

Matthew developed Sonar from a simple idea to a service used by companies throughout the world. Previously, Matthew was a distribution hacker & mentor at 500 Startups and a user acquisition expert at Break Media and Comcast. He's also a rails hacker and technology enthusiast, not to mention a dog lover (mainly of his dog).

Neeharika Bhartiya

Neeharika Bhartiya


Neeharika Bhartiya


Neeharika serves as Co-Founder and Head of Product at Sonar. Previously, she started a food startup called Simmr, was a developer at a dev shop and an investment banker (don't judge). She majored in Mechanical Engineering at MIT and has found that product has been a rather natural transition. Neeharika appreciates puns and all things cute.

Neeharika Bhartiya

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Benefits You Deserve

  • Team retreats
  • Unlimited vacation
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Our Investors

  • 500 Startups gave Sonar its first check, and both of Sonar's founders are 500 Startup alums. #500Strong
  • Quest Venture Partners led Sonar's seed round and has been a big believer in our vision from Day 1.
  • Twilio Fund knows our space better than anyone else, and came in with a set of tools specific to our business.

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    "Adding one line of code to let our customers text us led to a 98% increase in sales - it's a no-brainer!"

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