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Getting Started & Setup

  • How do I tell my customers they can text my business?

    There are a few ways you can inform your customers about the ability to text message your business.

    First, when we give you a phone number, you can simply give your users that phone number. You can email them, tell them in person, or even carrier pigeon!

    Second, you can use our Ping Widget. This widget can be easily placed on your website so when your customers visit your website on their mobile device, a little button will appear that says "click here to text us." When your users click the button, their SMS (text message) app opens up with your number pre-populated.

    Third, you can put your new phone number anywhere on your website and have your customers copy/paste it to text message you.


  • Do you support international texting?

    Yes, we do! You can find a list of the countries we support here.


  • How long is free trial?

    Sonar's free trial is 14 days long.
  • Which features does the free trial support?

    The free trial gives you 14 days of all of Sonar's "Growth" plan features.
  • Can you extend my free trial?

    We get it, sometimes you sign up and get distracted before you even try the product. Send us an email at contact@sendsonar.com and we'll do our best to help you.
  • How many messages can I send during the trial?

    We throw in $5 in messaging credits for the free trial, which, in the US, can support approximately 160 SMS messages.
  • What can I expect my "telephony costs" to be?

    Your telephony costs will depend on the volume of messages you're planning to send, the number of customers you're sending to, and the countries you'd like to send messages in. Our standard US SMS rates are $0.025 per SMS message and US phone numbers cost $1 per month per phone number, but rates outside the US vary. We buy a phone number for every 200 customers you have in any given country (to maximize deliverability).

    You can find each country we support and it's prices here.

Phone Numbers

  • Will you provide me with phone numbers?

    Yes! We will buy and manage all of your phone numbers for you. You just need to choose and area code and we'll do the rest.
  • Can I use my existing Twilio number?

    Yes you can! All you need to do is transfer your Twilio phone number into our Twilio account and we'll be able to hook it up for you. Don't worry, your number is still yours and we'll happily transfer it back to you if you ever chose to leave Sonar.